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October 11, 2016
by Jonny

An Expat Guide to Dating a Filipina

Dating a Filipina can be akin to walking through a minefield if you’re not from the Philippines (or even if you are!). No man will ever completely understand women regardless of the country of origin, but this is even more challenging when people from two completely different cultures interact.

It’s a generally accepted notion that it is easier for male expats of all ages to find a date/girlfriend/wife in the Philippines compared to their home countries, and it’s undoubtedly one of the main reasons why some men choose to come here, sometimes referred to as ‘sex tourism’.

Filipinas are a beautiful race on the whole with their mix of Asian and Spanish heritage, and it’s no surprise that they have been so successful in international beauty pageants; the 2015 Miss Universe is from the Philippines and they have had a lot of success in other competitions as well.

pia wurtzbach

Pia Wurtzbach – Miss Universe 2015 image credit

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July 4, 2016
by Jonny

The Rise and Fall of Cebu’s Nightlife

Since I first arrived in Cebu in 2012, I have seen many changes to my adopted home. There have been changes in the demographic, with ever-increasing numbers of foreign tourists and expats entering the island every year, along with increases in traffic, and constantly changing entertainment/nightlife spots. When I first arrived, J Ave was basically the only club in the city, along with Alchology and Penthouse (formerly known as the Loft) in IT Park, which was quite expensive and not hugely popular. Eventually Penthouse closed, only to re-open several months later as the Den.

The Den showed a lot of promise in the early stages, with decent EDM DJs playing weekly and the club becoming very popular among both locals and expats. It was packed every weekend for a while, but this also came with it’s own drawbacks, namely that it took far too long to get served at the bar, there was very little space to move/get past people due to the club’s relatively small size, and they didn’t have enough air conditioning units to regulate the temperature, leading to a sweaty atmosphere. The location also didn’t do the club any favours, as IT Park is almost exclusively an area for BPO offices, coffee shops and restaurants, without much in the way of nightlife (other than Mooon Cafe and Music One karaoke), so it’s not somewhere that is conducive to partying. I even tried to go for a drink in IT Park once after work and found that pretty much everything shuts down after midnight during the week, except for the junk food and convenience food stores. Probably for a combination of these reasons, the Den is unsurprisingly now closed. Other clubs that have tried and failed include Pump, The Roof, and Barcode, leaving people in Cebu without a great deal of choice for night-time entertainment.

Liv Super Club dance floor

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Plantation Bay, Resort, Mactan, Cebu

April 15, 2016
by Jonny

16 Must-Try Things To Do In Cebu In 2016

If you happen to find yourself in Cebu this year and don’t have any idea of what to do or where to go, look no further than this article, as I bring you 16 Must-Try Things To Do in Cebu in 2016!

It might already be late March but this is regrettably my first post of 2016. Now, followers of this blog (or newcomers who have browsed some of my previous articles) will note that I did a very similar post 3 years ago entitled ‘50 things to do in Cebu‘. However, this was written in 2013 and many of the places mentioned have closed down and don’t exist any more, notably Tree Lounge Bar, Irie Gastropubliko, Urban Cellar, and many others, so if you are reading this now, do not attempt to go to these places – they aren’t there! It would really require a lot of work for me to go through and correct/alter everything on my blog that I have written in the past so I’m not going to do that. Instead, just read this article for an up to date guide to tourist activities in Cebu. If you are reading this in 2018 or 2019 though then again, I can’t guarantee these places will still be here! Do your own research!

1. Check out Plantation Bay in Mactan

Plantation Bay, Resort, Mactan, Cebu

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December 21, 2015
by Jonny

The Best Gyms in Cebu and General Health Tips

I was recently asked whether I was ‘Happier, Healthier, and Better off’ since I moved from the UK to the Philippines. I’m definitely happier and better off, however staying healthy in Cebu has been a challenge, and I’m sure that is also the case for many people living here, particularly the typical expats in Cebu that live on a diet of Pilsen beer and TGI Fridays. Back when I attended school and university, I regularly played sports like football and rugby, and perhaps due to my age I was able to eat what I liked without any consequences, however the older I get the easier it is becoming to gain weight. After I graduated, I was still able to stay in shape and that was in part due to London having a fantastic selection of health food, opportunities to go to the gym and play sport, lots of great places to cycle, a regular working pattern etc.

By contrast now that I live in Cebu, I have a late working schedule (finish at midnight Monday-Friday), only play sport once a week, don’t get a lot of sleep and occasionally get tempted by late-night convenience food. However, I have recently been getting back into shape again and through years of working out and extensive reading of fitness blogs and magazines, I would say that I have quite extensive knowledge on this particular topic, and would even go as far as saying that it is one of my main passions in life. This article will provide some advice to anyone living in Cebu on how to keep fit and look after your health.

Working Out at Power Gym Crown Regency Cebu

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December 18, 2015
by Jonny

The Top 10 Things To Do in Manila in 2016

Manila is an action packed city and the capital of the Philippines (more about the Philippines). There are approximately 12 million people living and working in the capital and the gridlocked roads during rush hour bear witness to this. The backdrop is a mixture of Spanish colonial buildings and high rise skyscrapers. The city is also referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ and a few days here will help you to understand what a gem of a city this is.

Manila is also a city that has had more than that its fair share of natural and manmade disasters, but nothing can keep this great place down for long! With so much to do let’s take a look at the top 10 things to do in Manila.

  1. Visit The Oldest Church In The Country

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