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Where to Watch Football in Cebu


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If you want to watch football in Cebu, but don’t know where to watch it, here is everything you need to know. There are several bars in Cebu where you can watch every football game and meet other expats, which I will tell you about in more detail further down. Evidently this blog post will be useful for anyone who wants to watch the English Premier League along with any other international tournaments or leagues.


For the purposes of this article, football refers to what my American and Filipino readers would commonly know as “soccer” – the game where you use your foot to kick a ball, as opposed to the sport where you carry an egg with your hand…

Hand egg

source: Zwinglius Redivivus

Sport in the Philippines

If you do like football, then the Philippines is without doubt the worst place in the world to watch it. Most of Asia certainly loves football, but The Philippines is very different to its neighbours. They are heavily influenced by American culture, especially basketball, which was introduced to Filipinos by US troops during numerous military operations over here, and during the American colonisation in the 20th century. Since then, the Philippines has adopted basketball as it’s national sport and you can’t walk down a street without seeing a basketball hoop somewhere.

Y U No Like Football?, Why Don't you like football meme

They are so obsessed with basketball that very, very few people actually like or follow football. When the average height of adult men in this country is 5″5, this makes no sense to me. If you look at the Spanish national football team that won back to back European championships in 2008 and 2012, and the World Cup in 2010, the majority of the players were under 6 foot. The French national team also has a player called Matthew Valbuena who is only 5″5, and yet one of the top players in European football. With that in mind, most Filipinos (no offence) are not physically built for basketball, but football is a sport that they could feasibly compete in at the World Cup, should the population of 100m people adopt it as their national sport.

That’s not to say that Filipinos don’t play football at all – they do have a national team called the Azkals (a local term for ‘street dog’ – which is rather apt for how locals view the sport!). The Azkals appear to be a team mostly comprised of half-Filipino models who play in their spare time against equally terrible footballing nations such as Palestine and Pakistan (and seem to lose half of those games too).

Watching Football in Cebu

Previously, it was a struggle to watch games here and I often had to stream matches from my laptop. However, since the start of the 2014/2015 season, a new channel package called BeIN Sports has come available to Skycable subscribers (not available on Cignal). For an additional 700 pesos a month, you get access to 3 HD channels showing football round the clock. I have had the package since it launched and it has never disappointed, even showing 3pm UK kickoffs and FA Cup matches. As of the 2015/2016 season, BeIN sports has taken over from Balls Channel (yes it really is called Balls channel) as the official channel of the Champions League. However, as there are so many Champions League games shown at the same time, it’s a lottery as to whether or not the specific game you want to watch will be shown. As the channel is broadcast from Indonesia, sometimes the match analysis is in Indonesian as well (although commentary is always in English).

If you would rather be social and have a few beers while watching a game, then here are the bars that currently show live football matches:

1. The Social, Ayala


If like most expats, the only 2 places you frequent in Cebu City are either Ayala or Mango, then you’re in luck, as there are places to watch football in both. In Ayala, There is a bar/restaurant in Ayala called The Social, which is located on the top floor in the ‘new wing’. It’s not easy to find but basically if you go to the very top floor (where the cinema is), go round past the food court. You’ll see an exit to go outside next to where Burger King is, and once outside go to the end of the path on the left side, then turn left round the corner and the social is just there, with an outdoor area and indoor seating as well. It has a really massive screen to watch either indoors or outdoors, usually quite a few expats there, and has a great bar and menu.

2. The Emerald Isle Irish Pub, Talamban

Located just next door to Urban Cellar in Talamban, the Emerald Isle is an Irish-themed pub (which I believe is also English-owned). The food here is much better than Urban Cellar and they have actually redesigned/redecorated the place recently, along with adding some delicious items to the menu. If you are a fan of Guinness then this is the place for you! They also have lawn bowls tournaments on Sunday afternoons.

Emerald Isle Irish Pub, Irish bar Cebu

3. Euro Hub Cafe and Bar, Talamban

I’ve been to this bar many times although not to watch football, but it could also be a good alternative to the two above. Again, it is also located in the exact same spot in Talamban as the other two bars (why are the only bars that show football all so close together?). I would say that out of the three, Euro Hub and Emerald Isle serve the better food (euro Hub now has a clay oven for proper pizzas) and I would recommend their milkshakes. It’s a mix of European-themed dishes (as the name suggests) and they also serve filipino food to keep your filipina girlfriend/date happy.

The layout is much more modern than Urban Cellar and Emerald Isle – this is more of a sports bar than an English/Irish pub like the other two i.e. they have a pool table and a much brighter interior.

Euro Hub Cebu


4. All Stars Sports Bar, Mango Ave

Formerly a girly bar known as Pussycats, All Stars Sports Bar has completely changed the old bar’s previously seedy image, and has become the number 1 bar for the expat community in Cebu. It’s located on Mango Avenue near the big church, but is far enough away from J Ave to avoid the Mango Square crowd. Along with live Premier League games it also shows pretty much any sport that is televised, and is also very popular for UFC on Sunday mornings. They have a number of screens dotted around the place so you can get a good view anywhere and they also have live bands throughout the week. They serve excellent food and even have a tattoo parlour upstairs called Red Chair Tattoo if you’re feeling adventurous.

5. Marshall’s Irish Pub, Mango Square

Marshall’s Irish Pub has been around for a long time and has a loyal crowd of expats that regularly go there to watch the games. They have a big screen behind the bar so it’s a good place to watch games but the bar is pretty small so I would recommend getting there early to get a seat if it’s a big game (or ask for a reservation).

If you’re feeling lazy to leave your condo or your game isn’t shown on TV, you can use various streaming sites instead, however the internet here is usually very slow, so this is definitely not recommended. You should also be prepared for the kick off times – 7:45pm in England is 2:45am here (or 3:45am when the clocks go forward), so be prepared to stay up late for midweek or Champions League games!


  1. ugh, finally a new post by you. lol

    FYI, even if football is the better fit for us FIlipinos physically, i think we’d still have a very hard time penetrating the world cup. our south east asian neighbors like thailand, indonesia and vietnam are huge football nations and yet they can’t even dominate the asian region. also you don’t see asian powerhouses japan china nor korea doing well in world cup historically.

    on the other hand, Filipinos may be too small for basketball but would you believe we qualified for the fiba world championships this year in spain? our team would probably get some beating in there but at least we made it to the worlds lol

    • haha yes it has been a while!

      yeah I agree, although are any of those countries as densely populated as the Philippines? I think another thing to take into account is that producing a good football team requires infrastructure, training academies etc. etc. – they won’t make it as professionals without coaching, which evidently isn’t very straightforward in the Philippines, so I see your point.

      South Korea did get really far in the tournament a few years ago and Japan have produced some great players over the years too, so they’re both respected footballing nations.

      Well yeah it’s good to get to the fiba tournament, and I’m sure the Filipino players in the basketball team are tall, but in general it’s a sport designed for tall people, so most filipinos can never even dream of becoming a star NBA player because they own’t grow tall enough.

      However, if they played football they could at least aspire to become a professional in a major league as they won’t be physically hindered by height requirements.

      But hey, I’m English and love football so of course I’m biased! haha

      • Hi Johnny, as i have read all this discussion, let me tell you about our experience regarding Filipino and Soccer here in dumaguete. yes, ph is a Basketball Nation, but….there is a huge crowd of Footballers and also Teams. especially here in negros. i organized a public viewing for the Soccer Worldcup this year and we put it in the oceanfront Boulevard here in dumaguete. YES; A PUBLIC VIEWING . That was also supported by the official broadcaster ‘balls’, as they promoted our Event with a trailer on air. And, believe it or not, we had a crowd of more or less 1000 spectators during final match. Remember, 03.00 am, but all chairs were occupied at 1.30 already. more than 80% of the People Standing and sitting on the road. The main road ‘rizal boulevard’ was closed by cityorder. So, you see, we have a very positive Impression about PH-Soccer. Of course, not the same europe, but its starting up. Btw: 70% of our guests were pinoy, the rest foreigners from England, Germany, CH, Iran, Egypt, Kenya, Spain, Netherlands and many more. Pls watch and on YouTube under…public viewing dumaguete… regards Jorg

        • Wow that’s fantastic to hear – I hope the rest of the Philippines would adopt the same level of interest as Negros. Since writing the post I did actually play with some work colleagues against a random team. The standard wasn’t great but everyone really enjoyed themselves.

          One issue though is that there’s very little access to the games – they’re only available on subscription only ‘BeIN Sport’ channels, whereas the basketball channel comes as standard. Maybe if they actually showed the regular season games on Balls it might help when there is no international tournament on.

  2. Okay Jonny. World Cup for England is over so maybe I can put in a words. How about putting GPS on the boot of the English strikers, esp that guy Sturidge. I don’t think England got one in.

    You’re right about basketball and Filipinos. Reminds me of an old movie, White Men Can’t Jump with Woody Harrelson. But basketball in the Philippines has had its saving grace – 4th in one Olympics (Berlin I think), and even once 5th in the world championships in the 50s. But tall countries learned how to dribble, run and shoot and that was the end for the Philippines.

    Football trivia, Philippines as of last month is ranked 126 by Fifa, higher than Thailand, Malaysia and the rest. That’;s for beating Palestine and Turkhmenistan. Whoopee…plus as you pointed out they have the best looking players. And they don’t bite in spite of their team name.

    Handegg trivia. Apparently, the actual play time in American football amounts to only like 12 minutes. That’s according to a survey. They tend to stop a lot.

    Do you know Anne Coulter? She’s the American motor mouth etc etc… She writes about the growing popularity of soccer in the US. It’s a good ridiculous read.


    • Hi Alex,

      I was already aware of that article but in all honesty I refuse to read it as im sure it will just make me mad. Having said that, I read recently that the NBA finals in the US had 15m viewers whereas the USA vs Ghana match had 24m viewers in the US so undoubtedly football is growing in popularity over there.

      Yeah not much playing time in hand egg, plus it goes on for 4 hours just for one game! I still think it’s a good sport though and I enjoy how tactical it is and the immense physical power of the athletes that play it, but it’s more that I don’t think it should be called football.

      In terms of England – they scored 2 goals in the three games (one from Sturridge) – I don’t think it’s a shooting issue as much as a team issue. A lot of the players play in different positions/with different players for their club teams and we’re in a transitional phase with a lot of young players about to come through but a few old players who need to retire, and average players who are in the team because there’s no alternative, so next tournament we should be much better.

      Well yeah 126th isn’t too bad I guess but when you consider that there are countries with a population of 1m people that have a football team in the world cup, it should be possible for the Philippines with 90m people (and growing) that they could produce a team that could compete on that level.

      For me though basketball will always be an American sport for very tall guys, whereas I see football as a world sport which anyone can play.

      • Hi Johnny,

        I lied PH is 129th, and lost to Palestine! You forgot to mention Philip Lahm, 5’4″, Mr. Reliable of the German team. He is an inspiration for vertically challenged folks. Instead of Anne Coulter, how about this – the highest scorer Barcelona FC before Lionel Messi broke his record:
        All in all it has been an interesting World Cup, unpredictable.
        Cheers, next time for England…Alex

  3. You’ve outdone yourself again. Fun to read and new non-recycled ideas about Cebu. Keep up the stellar work. Like the the “hand” and “egg” and I’m from US.

  4. Hi John. Just stumbled upon your blog. Best on the Philippines I’ve come across in two years, especially the the food. Nice one! Makes a change reading about a younger guy in the Fils for a change:)

    • Thanks a lot Steve! That means a lot as there are loads of blogs on the Philippines as well – I’ll try and write some more posts on food soon. I’ve been debating the idea of recording a video of myself eating balut and uploading it to the blog, although would probably need some ‘dutch courage’ if I’m going to attempt that! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to write about in particular.

      • Yes Balut! I’ve eaten some weird stuff in the past in Thailand &
        China but that’s going to be a challenge. I’m due to visit for
        first time this Christmas. A local girl I’ve been chatting to says it’s
        her favourite delicacy which seems strange for a girl. She also said
        that they are only sold late at night? Maybe that’s because everyone is
        drunk! I’m hungry for
        anything to do with the Philippines, especially
        every day hum drum. I intend to make Cebu my home if I like it. I’m
        English too, from Surrey originally, I’ve been living on Ibiza for
        fourteen years & there doesn’t seem to be a lot of difference in
        culture & services from what I’ve been reading, it’s the Spanish
        influence I guess, shame they didn’t pick the best bits out of the
        American “occupation” :)

        I’ve read around fourteen books now off
        of Amazon, mainly amateur expat writers but they do give you an insight
        in what to expect, what offends, losing face, the squalor, the
        corruption etc as well as the good bits obviously. Best one was “Culture
        Shock”, The bloke is hilarious. It seems a mine field to be honest. The
        last book was about starting or running a business in the Fils, I’d
        definitely give that one a miss. My main
        concern is going to be
        internet speeds, it’s part of everyday life nowadays & I’d prefer to
        be outside of the city. It took 9 yrs to get a decent speed here. I
        like my film downloads & Netflix etc. Have you tried Bohol?

        Anyhow,nice one. Next topic, driving?

  5. Hi,

    You might want to check out Time Out Restaurant & Bar on Ramos. I am pretty sure they have Football (Soccer) amongst all other sports (NHL,NBA,NFL,MLB,AFL,Rugby League, etc…).

    • Yeah sure – this list isn’t comprehensive by any means and I’m sure there are other bars that show games. I’ll check out Time Out sometime as well.


  6. Where would I watch cricket in Cebu?

  7. You might want to add the biggest sports bar in Cebu to your list as well.

    All the sport channels, 100″ main screen, 2 pool tables, live rock bands, cold beer and good food. Located in Mango area above the Irish pub.

    Been there many times and in my opinion one of the best bars in Cebu city.

    And what is the best…pool area is non smoking area with A/C!

    • Hi Masa, I’ve already been there, I went there on the soft opening a couple of months ago. Do they have BeIN sports channels?

      It sounds like you work there…. also some people like to smoke when they play pool 😉

      • Hi Jonny, no I don’t work there. I’m just a regular customer in all the bars listed 😉 and SF as well.

        Yes, they do have BeIN sport channels in Semi-Final.

        • cool, good to know that they have it. I have BeIN sports at home so I don’t really have any need to go out to a bar to watch games, but I’m sure that will be useful for anyone reading this.

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