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The Top 3 Online Dating Sites to Meet Girls in Cebu


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If you want to meet Cebu girls but don’t really want to visit the girlie bars on Mango Ave and don’t like the bar girls in J Ave Nightclub, then perhaps a more discreet option like online dating might be a good alternative. Online dating used to be viewed as a taboo and still is to a certain extent. Although with the breakthrough of sites like Match and eHarmony, along with the more recent ‘Tinder’ app having widespread international success, there is no longer a reason to be ashamed of using these sites.

Tinder Philippines, Philippines dating sites

I have never used Tinder as it’s only really come onto the scene since I’ve been in a relationship (note: I didn’t meet my current girlfriend through a dating site), but I know that it’s still not a commonly used app in the Philippines so you might find that after a few swipes to the left you run out of profiles to look at very quickly. It’s free to download though and there will probably be increasing numbers of people using it in the coming months, so there’s nothing to lose by checking it out, plus you don’t need to fill in a profile or anything as it scrapes the data from your Facebook account. Anyway due to it’s current lack of local popularity it doesn’t make the top 3.

Another site that you might want to consider is Christian Filipina. Unfortunately with some dating sites in the Philippines there might be some dishonest girls who look to take advantage of the foreigners who have signed up, so it’s best to exercise caution. However, Christian Filipina is full of honest, trustworthy and loyal women who adhere to Christian values and beliefs. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in then check them out by clicking on the link above.

3. International Cupid

International Cupid is essentially a dating site for people that have a taste for the exotic but want to keep their options open in terms of nationality, race etc. All of these 3 apps are very simple to use in terms of their interface and usability and are run by the same company, so have an almost identical layout. This site is probably not used as much in Cebu but it’s free to sign up so worth checking out, especially if you’re not really into the locals.

2. Asian Dating

Asian Dating is a popular site with girls in Cebu and filipinas on other islands as well. It should be noted that you don’t need to be in Asia to sign up to any of these sites – it’s actually very common for guys to build up a relationship with girls over the internet in other countries, especially the Philippines. Asian dating gives a broad selection of Asian women anyway, so they could be from Thailand, Viet Nam, Hong Kong etc. in case you know you like Asian women but don’t want to limit your options to girls from one country. There will also be Asian women around the world using this site, so if you’re based in the US for example then it will allow you to meet Asian women living in your area too.

1. Filipino Cupid

Filipino Cupid is undoubtedly the most popular online dating site in Cebu. It’s free for girls to join and an increasing number of local girls are turning to online dating, as many will want to meet foreigners but perhaps don’t want to be associated with the bar girls of J Ave and might not have the budget to go out partying, or perhaps are too shy for their own good. There is an abundance of available filipinas on this site but a word of caution is that if you create a profile as a foreigner, you might find that you get too many messages. Yes, you heard right – you will be inundated with messages from numerous filipinas and some girls will pour their heart out/tell you their life story just to get your attention. Just make sure you don’t get drawn in by their stories as some girls on these sites are just trying to obtain money from you. However, it’s free to join and browse, and if you want to interact with girls I think the membership is pretty cheap too, so it’s worth a shot and you’ll also be more likely to meet girls that you won’t find in the bars or clubs.


  1. you are right about there being a stigma against online dating sites in the philippines, but more than that, there is a looming judgement against filipinas who intentionally look for ex-pat dates.

    before i proceed, i think i should clarify that i married an ex-pat in the philippines, have been whisked away to Fiji where we are now permanently based, and am now an ex-pat, myself (obviously).

    the prejudice against such filipinas stem from reasons as politically charged as “colonial mentality” to as blindly harsh as “prostitutes”, but it’s a stigma that is hard to shake.

    i’m glad you have this blog, it’s a great read. it really does help make sense of things in a different culture, doesn’t it? i tried maintaining one when i got here, and kept posting for about a year, then i got tired. but stumbling upon your blog has inspired me to create a new one.

    • I think it’s unfair to judge anyone on their dating preferences – people should be free to choose their own partners without prejudice.

      I’m glad you found my blog useful anyway, you’ll thank yourself later if you keep up the articles on your own blog.

  2. I’m Filipino but I really hate it when Filipinas take advantage of male foreigners. It’s degrading our reputation.

  3. I would agree to your article. I am very happy to find this site. Filipina dating sites are pretty fun. This site is made relationship between Filipino girls and people.

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